Take it to the Bank

Here’s a collection of fact – as presented by Weed and Cliff that are SO true, you can take them to the bank:

He is the only person to author two Constitutional amendments and he is from Indiana.

The Kodak company ran on a 13 month calendar. for 61 years.

Takanakuy, it’s a different kind of holiday!

The second best selling single in history! And only performed live once!

If this had caught on, counting cards would have gotten a bit more difficult.

A double dose of Take It To The Bank.

Elevators and escalators carry how many people a day?

Type in relentless.com. I bet you didn’t know it would take you there!

Explorers Lewis and Clark were sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the west to look for bones? It’s true.

Your neighbors light shining in your window annoying you. What do you do? Buy the building?

A military truth for you.

Take your key fob and stick it under your chin. No really this will work.

That is a lot of cardboard!

Duffel bag, now that’s a strange name for a travel bag. Let me explain the name for you.

One of the first items sold on eBay was broken.

Michael Jordan too short to endorse basketball shoes? Yes.

Nuclear bombs help detect painting forgeries.

Andrew Jackson was one tough man.

The last song that Elvis ever sang.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer came about to help Montgomery Ward stores save money. No really.

Rosanne Cash lost out on a CMA award that she thought she would win and wrote this song about it.

The deadliest month to be a patient at a hospital.

The time of day when the largest percentage of people in the world are asleep is…?

Bruce Springsteen’s classic Born To Run almost became the offical song of New Jersey until, well someone listened to the words!

A few nibbles about cookies!

At a price of $39 million per gallon it’s the most expensive liquid in the world.

For 150 years the Vatican kept the composition of a song a secret until a 14 year old heard it performed in the Sistine Chapel.

The first man to to over Niagara Falls in a barrel survived to only die later because of this.