Take it to the Bank

Here’s a collection of fact – as presented by Weed and Cliff that are SO true, you can take them to the bank:

When you lose weight – what happens to the fat?  CLICK HERE

What happens to all that old money? CLICK HERE

Why do ATM’s use 4 digits?

They have an ATM there?

Mr. Potato Head…The truth.

Formaldehyde! You make me so hungry?

But I thought the green ones were the most popular!

Microwave “defrost.” This is how it works.

The only president who has done this in American History.

Why do zebras have those funky stripes?

AT & T Stadium uses that much juice?

The Boston Tea Party…More than just a couple of Lipton tea bags tossed overboard.

WW Two fact and Popeye rubs a chicken.

Ransom payment may be a pain but they are tax deductible.

Victoria’s secret revealed.

Baseball players are safer during a game than you are as a fan.

Wizard of Oz diet.

What does “cut to the chase mean?”

Football pass penalties from 1905.

Ship pollution!

They fought in politics and in love too!

She never took a shower again.

Two for the price of one.

You can’t get there from here!

Purple Heart Medals after all of these years.

Jake The Jailbird?

An interesting fact about Japan.

Play guitar? I don’t know how.

That’s not cheese!

I can’t wait for your picture!

Paul McCartney takes it to the bank!

A double shot of Take It To The Bank.

From high school to the NFL…It’s a long long shot.

That’s a lot of doors Johnny!

The wealthiest company of all time.

Hey! That’s not blood after all.

Cliff one ups todays take it to the bank.

Drinking Coke will make you wealthy.

Fruit Loops secret revealed.

Stop signs were yellow not red until 1954. And we have first hand proof!

Cause of death listing for an execution for an inmate on death row.

Sending a text message to everyone in the U.S.

Is that air in your chip bag or are you just happy to see me? Here is the truth!

Cheerleading, not always was it a girls sport.

It’s hot Don but never this hot!

Why does my shower curtain do that?

They were a Marine?

We are talking sausage and swords.

Taser is an acronym for…

The highest point in Florida is only…

Say it isn’t so Harry!

Our Navy is ready but you may have to wait for us to show up.

You can do it but please don’t!

Only you can kill a lobster.

George Washington never knew this but you have known it all your life.

Cliff lovin’ Take It To The Bank.

We’re sending mail to the south pole!

Bob Ross was a slacker?

$10,00 invested in Apple is worth how much?

A take it to the bank from Milltown Indiana!

You’re invited to a hangin”.

Mispronouncing this Illinois’ town name will cost you $5

A beserk elephant in Mt Carmel Illinois? Yes it’s true!

Sitka, Alaska is bigger than you think!

America Online cd’s. There were a bunch of them.

The treadmill, used to punish you. No seriously that is why it was invented.

It is the largest sports venue in the world and it is nearby!

Bacon facts!

It’s all or nothing in these 6 NCAA sports.

It smells worse than a teen age boy!

If you fell through a hole in the earth. How long would it take you to get to the other side?

Amazon river facts!

The longest #1 song of all time.

Two of Santa’s reindeer had name changes.

The king or queen of England get two birthdays.

The red cape means nothing to a bull.

On Americas Got Talent the winner receives $1 million. Or do they?

The Great Pyramid of Giza would cost how much to build today?

Why do we say “checkmate ” in chess?

They hung an elephant in 1916.

In Alabama you can’t look.

Chocolate syrup a main ingredient of the movie Psych?

Redheads have 90.000 of these.

How many people are drunk in the world at any given moment?

Daniel Webster, he could have been president twice. But he blew it.

Do you have a sun roof or a moon roof?

How many breaths do you take a day?

Is Ticketmaster selling there tickets to scalpers and helping them too?

How old are you after one billion seconds?

That’s odd and world peace.

The first belly button shown on TV was in 1975.

The third founding member of Apple Computer is kicking himself.

William Shakespeare would make a lot if he received royalties from his work today.

Why do we carve pumpkins for Halloween?

The movie Apollo 13 is why we have Netflix today.

How did the inventors of the Ouija board ever come up with that name?

An actual get out of jail free card from England.

Do you know your nose?

The most abused Social Security number is?

Deer dentures? You bet!

The most money you can win on an episode of Jeopardy and the most that has been won.

The first thing anyone ever purchased online was….weed!

Philosopher Voltaire bought all of the lottery tickets! Did he actually win?

There on your face. No, really they are!

Orville Wright’s last airplane ride with Howard Hughes as the pilot.

The first service where you could stream music over you phone was in 1897! No, really!

Wilt Chamberlain, man that guy could score!

Target has it’s own forensic lab? Yes it does?

He is the only person to author two Constitutional amendments and he is from Indiana.

The Kodak company ran on a 13 month calendar. for 61 years.

Takanakuy, it’s a different kind of holiday!

The second best selling single in history! And only performed live once!

If this had caught on, counting cards would have gotten a bit more difficult.

A double dose of Take It To The Bank.

Elevators and escalators carry how many people a day?

Type in relentless.com. I bet you didn’t know it would take you there!

Explorers Lewis and Clark were sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the west to look for bones? It’s true.

Your neighbors light shining in your window annoying you. What do you do? Buy the building?

A military truth for you.

Take your key fob and stick it under your chin. No really this will work.

That is a lot of cardboard!

Duffel bag, now that’s a strange name for a travel bag. Let me explain the name for you.

One of the first items sold on eBay was broken.

Michael Jordan too short to endorse basketball shoes? Yes.

Nuclear bombs help detect painting forgeries.

Andrew Jackson was one tough man.

The last song that Elvis ever sang.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer came about to help Montgomery Ward stores save money. No really.

Rosanne Cash lost out on a CMA award that she thought she would win and wrote this song about it.

The deadliest month to be a patient at a hospital.

The time of day when the largest percentage of people in the world are asleep is…?

Bruce Springsteen’s classic Born To Run almost became the offical song of New Jersey until, well someone listened to the words!

A few nibbles about cookies!

At a price of $39 million per gallon it’s the most expensive liquid in the world.

For 150 years the Vatican kept the composition of a song a secret until a 14 year old heard it performed in the Sistine Chapel.

The first man to to over Niagara Falls in a barrel survived to only die later because of this.