Take it to the Bank

Here’s a collection of fact – as presented by Weed and Cliff that are SO true, you can take them to the bank:

When you lose weight – what happens to the fat?  CLICK HERE

What happens to all that old money? CLICK HERE

Why do ATM’s use 4 digits?

They have an ATM there?

Mr. Potato Head…The truth.

Formaldehyde! You make me so hungry?

But I thought the green ones were the most popular!

Microwave “defrost.” This is how it works.

The only president who has done this in American History.

Why do zebras have those funky stripes?

AT & T Stadium uses that much juice?

The Boston Tea Party…More than just a couple of Lipton tea bags tossed overboard.

WW Two fact and Popeye rubs a chicken.

Ransom payment may be a pain but they are tax deductible.

Victoria’s secret revealed.

Baseball players are safer during a game than you are as a fan.

Wizard of Oz diet.

What does “cut to the chase mean?”

Football pass penalties from 1905.

Ship pollution!

They fought in politics and in love too!

She never took a shower again.

Two for the price of one.

You can’t get there from here!

Purple Heart Medals after all of these years.

Jake The Jailbird?

An interesting fact about Japan.

Play guitar? I don’t know how.

That’s not cheese!

I can’t wait for your picture!

Paul McCartney takes it to the bank!

A double shot of Take It To The Bank.

From high school to the NFL…It’s a long long shot.

That’s a lot of doors Johnny!

The wealthiest company of all time.

Hey! That’s not blood after all.

Cliff one ups todays take it to the bank.

Drinking Coke will make you wealthy.

Fruit Loops secret revealed.

Stop signs were yellow not red until 1954. And we have first hand proof!

Cause of death listing for an execution for an inmate on death row.

Sending a text message to everyone in the U.S.

Is that air in your chip bag or are you just happy to see me? Here is the truth!

Cheerleading, not always was it a girls sport.

It’s hot Don but never this hot!

Why does my shower curtain do that?

They were a Marine?

We are talking sausage and swords.

Taser is an acronym for…

The highest point in Florida is only…