And here we are…

Weed and Cliff have our own team for this year’s Polar Plunge!

CLICK HERE to find out more.

You can either join up and freeze with us, or donate to the cause.

Remember, the more we raise – the deeper Weed and Cliff will go!

Listen to the ‘Official’ Weed and Cliff podcast HERE

Listen to “Take it to the Bank” – CLICK HERE

Sometimes we get guests in the studio that are we cooler than we are:

Here’s the first-annual Weed and Cliff Turkey Races:

Check out our podcast and listen to this bit of fun we said: CLICK HERE

We meet the nicest people in 2017 too! CLICK HERE

Bringing us stuff like this is completely not necessary. Cash is also acceptable.

Listen to our Podcast: HERE. It contains clips from the actual stuff we said on the show. You can also sign up to get it delivered via iTunes by clicking the link to the right.

We meet the nicest people, 2016 edition: HERE

We meet the nicest people – HERE.


  1. So this the way of the world… People getting a participation trophy!!!! Wow

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